Transforming Lives of Disadvantaged Children with Michelle Pius

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts is transforming lives every day by creating a brighter future for children! In this interview Michelle Pius shares why we NEED to bring more exposure to Fresh Start Surgical Gifts.  

This organization is doing such amazing things! We support their mission, so we want to give back a percentage from our Med Spa Growth & Profitability revenue to this local charity. We did our research to make sure we found the right fit. 

In this episode you’ll learn about the difference Fresh Start is making:

  • 100% volunteer team of world-class surgeons based in the USA
  • Giving what insurance companies don’t to kids who can’t afford surgery
  • Providing long term dental and health-related aftercare to disadvantage children

Charity Begins At Home...

In this episode, I talk with Michelle Pius who runs Fresh Start Surgical Gifts — one of the most amazing charities out there! Michelle is a very determined, solution-oriented development professional who really has a heart for kids.

She discusses some of the most critical ways we can improve lives of disadvantaged children by helping kids with physical deformities through the extraordinary gift of reconstructive surgery, dental and health-related services.

Kids Falling Through the Cracks

Imagine being a child with a physical deformity who is uninsured or underinsured. You have a condition that is causing physical and emotional pain… but your insurance company (if you have insurance) classifies the procedure as cosmetic.

This situation is particularly ironic in our society full of economic opportunity. There is no reason that ALL children shouldn’t have the chance to reach their full potential in life. There are too many children in America today with deformities including birth defects, accidents, illnesses or trauma.

The effects of such challenges can be devastating for both their self-confidence and development. 

This is what keeps Michelle and Fresh Start Surgical Gifts going. They offer all of their services absolutely FREE of charge!   

It’s About Giving Kids Confidence 

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts is about self-esteem and confidence, helping kids really feel good about themselves, explains Michelle.

If a child has a large birthmark on their face, or anywhere on their body, it can affect their confidence. They can feel bad about themselves and lack confidence to even raise their hand in school. Unfortunately insurance companies will often say that something that’s “just” a birthmark is not impairing their ability to live.

That is where Fresh Start jumps in. Its team of volunteers knows that repairing someone’s visual challenges can make them bloom emotionally. Ultimately Fresh Start’s goal is transforming lives, giving the kids confidence to stay in school, actively participate and become productive citizens of the community.

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Don’t Assume You’re Covered

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts is not just for deformities a child is born with, either… 

Most Americans assume that because they have health insurance they are automatically covered for any future issues. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If you’re an average working-class family you often go with the cheapest insurance company. You end up with a high deductible most families simply cannot afford to pay. 

Let’s say your child goes over the handlebars of their bike and loses a few teeth. They get stitches on their face from an emergency room. But the stitches don’t heal well, leaving a scar that impacts your child’s self-esteem. They become withdrawn and reluctant to interact with others. Now you’ve got to pay your insurance company a $6-7K deductible to restore your child. For most families, that’s nearly impossible. And that’s where Fresh Start steps in: To take care of procedures that parents simply can’t afford to pay for!

#1 Reason Why We Chose Fresh Start

Before choosing a charity partner, we researched not-for-profits. There were so many things that separated Fresh Start Surgical Gifts from other children’s charities.

Most importantly they focus on US-based sponsoring. Many other charities focus on international activities, but we can see that there are A LOT of children in need of assistance here at home, too. 

All of Fresh Starts’ surgeries are done in the USA, mostly in a San Diego hospital. They are partnered up with a major children’s hospital with several clinics, and all of their procedures are handled in state-of-the-art conditions.

Another thing we love so much… Everyone with Fresh Start is 100% volunteer! They regularly have as many as 400 volunteers helping to assist patients. 

Donate to Fresh Start?  Find out how on their site Fresh Start today!

Guest Expert from Fresh Start Surgical Gifts - Learn more about Michelle Pius:

Michelle Pius
Chief Development Officer 
 Fresh Start Surgical Gifts

Michelle is a very determined, solution oriented development professional with over 15 years' extensive experience of conceiving, developing and implementing development strategies. She also creates relationships targeting key business and community needs in the non-profit arena.
She has extensive high-profile public speaking, stakeholder engagement, marketing and nonprofit business development experience, and proven success in delivering measurable brand reputation, business results and community impact.

In other words, she's also very sophisticated and competent in dynamic and fluid environments and changing situations.
Her specialties are the comprehensive understanding of development strategies and tactics. She brings extensive experience in development and stewardship of donors large and small.

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