9 Best Software and Tools for Telemedicine

9 Best Software and Tools for Telemedicine

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If your practice is moving patients online you need to know the best software and tools for telemedicine. Because of the demand for telehealth, software developers made the tools for telemedicine are easier to use.

This guarantees seamless services regardless of your patients location. 30 % of the population live in rural areas. Ultimately, their resources are scarce.  It may be hard for them to get to a doctor. The use and ease telemedicine is a MUST!

But how do you know which software and tools are for your practice?

There are multiple software and tools for Telemedicine available in the market. However, each software comes with specific features that you need to consider before implementing them into your practice.

Here's what you want to look for when choosing software and tools for telemedicine:

  • Unlimited online video sessions 
  • Technical support
  •  Secure document sharing
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Payment processing 

Here's Our List of the BEST Software and Tools for Telemedicine That Can Help to Enhance Service Delivery:

1. Doxy.me 

Telemedicine| Med Spa Growth & Profitability

This software is popular due to its ease of use and efficiency. Basically, it is a mobile-friendly application that allows you to communicate with patients through video calls. Furthermore, it has features that simplify the processes of texting, saving meeting histories, and setting up personalized waiting rooms. And this tool also complies with the provisions of HIPAA and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act.  

Doxy.me comes with free features to enhance user experience. These features include; a personalized URL, free minutes, meeting history, waiting room, and text chat. However, you can always pay a small fee to access the secondary features such as HD video calls.

2. Intelehealth

Telemedicine | Med Spa Growth & Profitability

Intelehealth is purposely built to serve patients in rural areas as it can operate with low bandwidth and offline as well.  Also, it has a system that includes a mobile application and an electronic health record system. 

Its main features include:
  • Allows the transmission of data in poorly connected areas
  • Has video resources for patient education
  • Supports data reporting
  •  It uses electronic health records for longitudinal patient care
  • Supports referral coordination to guide patients through medical processes 

Intelehealth has grown to become an essential tool  in rural areas. Now healthcare providers are able to provide quality care even in interior parts of rural communities. 

3. ChARM Telehealth  

Telemedicine | Med Spa Growth & Profitability

ChARM Telehealth is an application that allows healthcare workers to have video calls and appointments with patients. Because of  its extensive features, both parties can share images. Also, they can send and receive prescriptions remotely.  And Providers can send prescriptions to pharmacies with ease. 

In turn, this software  allows patients to continue to receive the best care without visiting medical facilities.   

4. AMC Health 

Telemedicine | Med Spa Growth & Profitability

As full-featured software, AMC Health assists healthcare providers by monitoring patients' progress through Bluetooth connected devices. Also, it allows video calls where you can contact patients remotely.

Furthermore, AMC Health has a feature that sends alerts about patients to providers and allows you to review  their status. Because this software makes it easy for patients and providers to communicate more efficiently, it will guarantee quality healthcare services. 

5. GoTelecare 

Telemedicine | Med Spa Growth & Profitability

GoTelecare is a software that mostly works to enhance doctor-patient communication. The tool comes with an in-built EMR, mHealth services, and medical billing. As a free tool, patients or healthcare providers do not have to spend to use it.   

Some of the features of GoTelecare include an end-to-end telemedicine solution, can be customized to fit your requirements, compliant with HIPAA, no hidden costs, and can be used on any device.

If you need help choosing which Software and tools for telemedicine to use schedule an appointment with one of our practice growth experts.

6. Mendfamily 

Telemedicine | Med Spa Growth & Profitability

This software eliminates the need for patients to visit hospitals in person. Because of  its many features, patients can create schedules, send texts and video conference with doctors. Because it is also HIPAA compliant, you do not have to worry about patient data security. 

 With Mendfamily  you can use any device for communication, send and receive automated reminders, and allow patients to fill out forms with much less hassle. Undoubtedly, health institutions can better manage patients with this tool, and  boost services while increasing returns.

7. SwyMed

Telemedicine | Med Spa Growth & Profitability

SwyMed  allows doctors to monitor patients remotely through the use of video.  Also, it can connect with low bandwidth. Therefore it is ideal for rural and low connectivity areas. It is also simple to use and less sophisticated than others. 

With Swymed software, doctors can e-subscribe drugs to patients remotely, schedule appointments, send messages and videos, and manage patient queues. Because it is HIPAA compliant guarantees data safety for patients. 

8. AdvancedMD Rhythm 

Telemedicine | Med Spa Growth & Profitability

 AdvancedMD Rhythm is one of the few all-in-one software's.  For instance, it allows flexible scheduling, accurate reporting of data, and simple charting, all from a central location. 

What sets this tool apart is it has a dashboard that displays critical and completed treatments. It also comes with revenue cycle management services to ease the payment process. Also come with features that help to increase user engagement. With AdvancedMD Rhythm, you are sure to keep clients satisfied while increasing revenue. 

9. WiCis Health 

Telemedicine | Med Spa Growth & Profitability

This tool uses video  to help communication between healthcare providers and patients. Through this and other features, doctors are able to follow up on the progress of patients without them having to visit the hospital. Also, WiCis Health uses satellite technology to send information between these two parties. So this ensures that providers can access patient information at any time. 

The key features of WiCis Health include:
  • Covers the entire service provision process, from pre-admission to home care
  • Displays medical data instantly
  •  Allows providers to store patient information to enable monitoring of progress
  • Works well with smartphones
  •  It is HIPAA compliant, hence patient data is always safe 

As a real-time telemedicine tool, doctors can communicate with patients easily to provide timely services.  

Choosing the right tools for telemedicine requires technical know-how to ensure that the tools chosen are compatible with how employees and institutions work. There are several things you should consider before even offering telemedicine.

But, with the right telemedicine software, you are assured of providing quality services and equally important, running a successful and profitable healthcare institution. 

If not sure where to get started, or have a problem choosing the ideal software? Do not worry, we can help with that! Schedule an appointment with one of our practice growth experts.

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