42 Reasons Why You Need A Med Spa Social Media Expert

As an aesthetic practice owner or manager, your first inclination may be to try to manage your med spa social media efforts yourself. . . Or at least assign the posting to the front desk personnel during their "down time". 

A woman with red painted nails, jeans, and white sneakers is  scrolling instagram admiring the work her med spa social media expert did

Because you and your team are busy with patients and the day-to-day operations of the practice, the best way to handle this is to get help from a med spa social media expert.

Please note. . .

I did not just say "Social Media Expert".  I specified, " Med Spa Social Media Expert"

You want and should hire a social media manager who is highly experienced and only focused in the aesthetic space!  Medical spa social media managers like the Med Spa Growth & Profitability Team have a deep understanding of YOUR industry, YOUR target audience, and the regulations and guidelines that must be followed.

This expert will be able to effectively create and manage content that resonates with your medical spa's target audience.   They will effectively promote the your services, while also ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

An experienced med spa social media manager will help 
Improve your online presence, increase brand awareness, & ultimately drive more business to the practice.

Here Are 42 Reason Why a Social Media Expert That Specializes in Medical Spas is a MUST:

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is on everyone's mind today. In order to gain the kind of traffic your website needs to bring customers to your business, you need the expertise of someone who is fluent in SEO techniques. Therefore, a social media expert knows how to get your site at the top of search engine results.

2. Increased Sales

Consumers often use social media to make purchase decisions, and companies that market their products on social media report an increase in sales.  

3. High Quality Leads

Social media is very useful in generating leads. Also, social media expert can get your med spa on channels like Pinterest and YouTube to drive sales.

4. Tracking

A social media expert for medical spas understands conversion tracking.  They can help you understand how your audience is progressing through the marketing funnel. And if necessary,  adjustments can be made to encourage favorable conversions.  

5. Measuring Sales

The end goal of your social media marketing strategy is increased sales. A social media expert will know how to set up devices that can track how many initial clicks follow through with money being spent.

6. Timing

Your social media expert knows when is the best time to post and where for optimal engagement. She will also have insight into how well something worked and know when to repeat successful actions. 

7. Quality Content

It's now about how much you post, but how well your posts do the job. A social media professional will make sure that your content is timely, relevant, and effective rather than generic.

8. Staying on Trend

It's important to keep your posts fresh. So a professional can keep your med spa image up to date by making sure new content keeps up with trends and follows searcher's interests.  

9. Building Credibility

One of the main goals of social media marketing is to build your brands' image. So by helping you to gain a favorable online reputation, a social media expert helps you get brand recognition. 

10. Social Media Monitoring

With all that's going on in your medical spa, you and your staff is left with little time to monitor your social media efforts.  But a social media expert will keep up with all platforms to remove spam posts, engage with potential customers, and respond to questions. 

Ready to Hire a Social Media Expert?

11. Establishing an Audience

Growing an audience is something that happens over a long period of time with social media expertise. But a social media expert can help you establish a sizable following so that you can advertise to thousands immediately. 

12. Targeting

Social media experts have access to users' interests, demographics, and buying habits. Therefore, they will use this information to target audiences who are most likely to feel an affinity for your brand. 

13. Crisis Management

If your medical spa gets a bad review, it can ruin your brand. Therefore, a social media expert will remedy bad press by providing immediate response to criticisms and concerns.

14. Encouraging Engagement

Engaging with customers encourages loyalty. Social media experts foster interaction in the form of likes, comments, and shares to turn first time customers into repeat customers.

15. Increasing Traffic

Most potential customers won't find your website or social pages on their own. But a social media professional will craft content and advertisements that direct users to your presence.

16. Staying Relevant

Social media is proven to be more efficient that other forms of marketing. A social media professional can easily adopt new marketing strategies to help your med spa keep up in the modern age.

17. Saving Money

Not only is social media a more effective form of advertising, but it is also more affordable. Because a social media expert can help you advertise correctly, you will see results without spending too much money.

18. Analysis

A social media expert will analyze results of your social media efforts and tell you what they mean. And then help you change your strategy to get the results where you want them to be. 

19. Going Viral

Thousands of shares can do wonders for your med spa. A social media expert can help your content go viral.  So it's like word of mouth advertising for the 21st century.

20. Data Optimization

Social media experts have access to massive quantities of data.  Therefor they can use this data to target users who have already interacted with your content and have a history of purchasing.

21. Efficiency

A social media expert can use A/B split testing to determine which of your ads are more effective. This way, you are less likely to waste ad dollars. 

22. Tracking ROI

A skilled social media marketer will know what to look at and how to calculate results to pinpoint exactly what your return on investment is. Sales, traffic, downloads, and email subscriptions will be compared to the amount of time and money spent. 

23. Personalization

Consumers like content that is relevant to them. A social media professional will personalize ads and content for different segments of your target audience.

24. Experience

Social media experts have the experience to create ads and optimize your marketing campaign.  They know what works based on industry experience and will use that knowledge for your benefit.

25. Consistency

Your med spa's posts must remain consistent across all platforms. A social media professional will not only embody your brand's personality but will make sure that posts appear regularly.  

26. Feedback

Social media posts are instant. This gives your brand the opportunity to capitalize on current events in real-time and start tracking responses immediately.

27. Fast & Accurate Reporting

It can take hours to properly track, measure, and analyze data points on social media. An expert knows which data points are most valuable for developing monthly reports to determine if the campaign is headed in a positive direction. 

28. Competition Monitoring

Tracking what your competition is doing is part of keeping your business on top. A social media expert will analyze competitors' efforts to find out what's working for them. 

29. Navigating a Rapidly Expanding Field

Traditional marketing like television ads and billboards can no longer suffice without the involvement of social media. A social media expert will not only modernize your strategy but will continually update it as platforms grow and evolve.

30. Good Storytelling

A social media expert is not only a good writer, she has the ability to tell the story of your med spa in 140 characters or less. She can cater language to specific target audiences and convey the information you want to get across succinctly.

31. Subtle Advertising

A skilled social media expert can write ads that don't sound like ads but more like a post from a friend. This can generate more leads and sales than traditional advertisements that attempt to control how consumers think.

32. Motivation

You must be highly motivated to keep up with social media because there is always something changing and something new to learn. As a result, a  social media professional is an expert precisely because he has that motivation.

33. Time-Saving

Managing social media is very time-consuming. So if you depend on a staff member who is skilled at something else attempt to handle this job, you will wind up losing money. It's best to hire an expert.

34. Keeping Up With Terms & Conditions

Social media sites have long lists of terms and conditions. But social media experts keep up with regulations to ensure that your content won't be in violation and wind up getting blocked.

Success in today's climate requires almost every business to have a social media presence!

According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 73% of the public uses at least 3 of the available social media platforms and most of these follow brands on their chosen sites.

That means that if you want a piece of the action, you have to put your medical spa out there where potential clients can have an experience with it. That's where a social media expert comes in.

35. Business Savvy

Social media experts know the business side of social media and when to employ which strategies.  Therefore, they understand the world of boosted posts, SEO, and lead campaigns. 

36. A Constant Contact

A social media specialist will manage your med spa's account so that potential customers will always know that there is a human being there to answer questions.  Also, She will remove spam and respond to comments in real-time.

37. Influencer Marketing

Consumers respond to influencers and consider them trusted advisors.  So a social media expert can find the perfect influencer to benefit your medical spa.

38. Passion

To do something well, you must love what you do. To effectively manage social media, one must be passionate about it. It takes a lot of time to consistently get it right. 

39. A Lifelong Learner

Social media is constantly changing. In turn, a  good social media manager is someone who loves to learn and who relishes staying on top of trends.

40. Brand Recognition

The whole point of having a social media presence is to get your brand recognized. A social media professional  has the tools to put your content in front of those who can benefit from your services. 

41. Professional Image

The face you put on social media dictates the image of your med spa. But a  professional can help you develop a professional image that potential clients will respond to.

42. Peace of Mind

Managing social media can be very stressful. When you employ the help of someone who has devoted their life to it, you get to sit back and relax knowing that it's being handled in the best way for your business.

So if you're ready to take your practice to the next level, Med Spa Growth & Profitability can help get you there. Simply schedule a call with our Med Spa Social Media Expert today to get your marketing strategy and social media presence on track.

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