How to Start a Mobile Med Spa

In this interview, Dr. Chantal Lunderville discusses her experience in starting and growing a profitable Mobile Med Spa.  Her practice incorporates strong academics with principles of mindfulness and self-care while integrating aesthetics to make clients feel safe and supported.  

Dr. Lunderville shares the ups and downs of adding at-home services to your Medical Spa.  She also shares exactly how you can start your own Med Spa without the overhead of rent or employees.

This episode will cover:

  • Potential Mobile Med Spa business plans
  • How to build your client base (even if no one has ever heard of you)!
  • Important start-up tips for Mobile Med Spa beginners

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The Mobile Med Spa Business Plan

Dr. Lunderville did her residency in primary care. Her goal was to work with women holistically, from fitness and diet to mental health and medication.

She began a practice where she could see clients individually as well as in a group setting. The clinic space can be intimidating for women to come into on their own. The Mobile Med Spa allows women to receive information and treatment with the support of friends in a familiar space.

At the heart of this business plan is the presentations she gives. She curates these presentations for the experience of her client. Dr. Lunderville asks them what they are most interested in learning about when it comes to skincare, aesthetics, and wellness.

The presentations might include information about anti-aging treatments for young professionals, skin care for particular climates, or even how injectables can help women who are trying to lose weight.Her service isn’t just about injectables. It’s about providing a customized experience to the individual woman.

How Dr. Lunderville’s Service Works

  • The sessions start with a group mindfulness practice. This may be as short as 30 seconds. But taking that time helps change the energy of the participants and helps them feel more comfortable.
  • Next, she begins the interactive presentations. She starts by encouraging participants to share with each other, perhaps about their favorite products. This allows them to add value to the discussion. She then provides them with information on her services and treatments and encourages everyone to ask questions. This is key. Dr. Lunderville says, “When you create a safe space where participants can ask questions, they develop trust in the aesthetician. They are then comfortable that the aesthetician can provide them with the services they need to get the best results.”
  • She ends the sessions with 15-20 minute individual meetings with participants. Here they can get the treatment they need as well as take advantage of the concierge medicine services. They can also schedule follow-ups in person or via video chat.

How to Start a Mobile Med Spa

Entrepreneurship is the space to build your dreams. You don’t have to be a business person or a medical person; you can create your own space. Mobile Med Spas can be a great way for people to start out.

The only overhead you’ll have is your product, your time, and your insurance payments. Plus, you can start seeing clients right away.

Sphere of influence:

Word-of-mouth will be your biggest business driver. Friends and family want to help you build your business, so don’t be afraid to ask for help! Ask them to create a party where you can practice your technique and provide their friends with the best Mobile spa experience possible. Their word-of-mouth is what will start to grow your business.  

Invest in the relationships you build with clients:

Aesthetics is a long game. Even if there are only two or three people at a party, create an intimate experience for them that will bring them back for more. Follow up with them and get obsessed with getting it right.

Incentivize Party Hosts:

They are the ones doing the word-of-mouth advertising for you by inviting their friends and family to the Med Spa party. Giving them a discount of 20% can encourage the host to do more parties and bring in more friends. That friendship network will support each other through the presentation and treatment.  When it’s time for their next treatment cycle, there’s a stronger chance they’ll come back together. That’s repeat business for your Mobile Med Spa.

Start-Up Tips for Beginners

Invest in the Slow Times

It can be hard to stay motivated when you are trying to build up your client base. But in those slow times, you need to find ways that you can lean in and invest in your business. If you have a week without clients, look for ways to build your business:

  • Go to conferences and networking events
  • Do your reading, including articles and case studies
  • Build your network, both with potential clients and other industry peers
  • Learn about new services and how you can provide them to your clients.

Shift into a mindset of contribution as opposed to worrying that you aren’t getting a return on the money you’ve spent.

Support Other Influencers

Don’t view other Mobile Med Spas as competition. Support those other influencers, even if it’s doing something as simple as commenting on their social media posts. Look at their posts as a way to share information, both with your own network and your clients. That creates a more positive experience for you and sends positive energy towards the other person. Even if there isn’t a response, you’ve planted a seed for a future business relationship. They may be able to contribute to your network later on.

Live Your Brand

Get clear about why your company exists. For Dr. Lunderville, her mission is to promote self-love and support women on their path. She lives in her business by sharing self-love and support every day. Your brand should be authentic and you should live the lifestyle that you are promoting. After all, you aren’t marketing your business. You are marketing yourself. Eventually, you should become the only choice for your clients in the Mobile Med Spa space.

Learn From Your Worst Moments

The worst moments are when you can’t make a client happy. But you won’t be able to make everyone happy all the time. Those hard moments are also the best learning moments. Understand why the client wasn’t happy and what you could have done differently to change their experience. Go through the learning process even though it’s uncomfortable.

Stay Motivated

Keep yourself motivated by being clear about why your business exists. This will help in those times where you are slow or you just can’t make a client happy. Focus on the next client and the existing clients, not the clients you lose. The clients you have are the ones who align with your vision. Those clients will help drive you to make your Mobile Med Spa business better.

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Want to Start a Mobile Med Spa Business?

Dr. Lunderville encourages those wanting to start a Mobile Med Spa to go for it. She suggests that even if you fail, you’ll have the amazing experience of trying to build this business for yourself. And something incredible can come from your efforts! Start by looking at your own sphere of influence and how the people you already know can help you get started. From there, connect with other industry professionals and expand your skill set. Focusing on providing the best experience for your clients will help you naturally grow your new Mobile Med Spa. Stay motived and focused, and you can build a thriving Mobile Med Spa practice that can lead to more professional opportunities.  

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Guest Expert on How to Start a Mobile Med Spa - Learn more about Dr. Lunderville and her services:

Dr. Chantal Lunderville

Dr. Lunderville runs a home based aesthetics business that operates across Southern California, the Bay Area, and Denver, Colorado. Her specialty is providing an intimate boutique experience for women and their friends, in their homes. It combines concierge medicine with aesthetics such as Botox and filler.

The brand is grounded in female empowerment and supporting one another in feeling great inside and out, no matter what that looks like. Originally from Southern California but trained at UC San Francisco, her practice with clients and in the digital space combines strong academics with principles of mindfulness, self care, and an integration with aesthetics to help clients feels supported and safe to experience a variety of treatments in the comfort of home. 

You can learn more about Chantal Lunderville and her Dr parties @elevatespaservices.

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