Does Your Medical Spa Website Need Its Own Facelift?

Even Websites need Spa Treatments! Medical Spa Website Design is VITAL to closing as many potential patients that come your way via the internet.  Therefore, your medical spa website design needs to position you as an authority in the industry while still providing empathetic messaging. Your potential patient wants to feel comfortable.

Even more, they are seeking you out.  In other words, our website is their desired destination. It’s the destination where their journey with you begins. So, if your medical spa website design is in need of a facelift, tummy tuck, augmentation, etc., it’s time to address it.  But don’t worry — we do it all!

What Does Medical Spa Website Design Treatment Look Like? 

Firstly, we need to present you simultaneously as the knowledgeable authority in the industry and as a medical spa that truly cares and understands why potential patients are seeking your help.

When someone has their arms crossed while giving you a dirty look, you're going to do whatever you can to avoid speaking with that person, right? Similarly, Websites have the exact same effect. An old, unfeeling website comes across as more of a cash grab than an experience.

Likewise, med spa websites that boast their latest discount or deal come across the same way. HOWEVER, a site that boasts a user-friendly experience, relatable content, lack of downtime, caring, etc. has a much higher success rate.

Is Your Website Currently Crossing Its Arms & Giving A Stank Face To Your Potential Patients?

Firstly , without leaving this page, envision your website.  Next, experience your medical spa website design from the eyes of a potential new customer.  Finally, ask yourself these questions...

  • Does your website feel outdated? - You know when you're surfing the internet, and you land on a site that looks like it was created when the world wide web was first discovered 😉
  • Is it "Cookie Cutter"? - Does it look like every other medical spa website design?
  • Are you immediately price cutting or talking about service? - Stand out by having empathy and invoking emotion?
  • Is your website too technical (are you using industry language)? - Use verbiage your potential patients will understand and relate to.
  • Does your website design feel cold and uncaring? - Use testimonials,  authority building videos, and we even suggest putting a "face to the brand''.

We know this is going to sound cliche but it’s the truth: If you visualized your website and said “YES” to any of those questions, it’s time for your very own Medical Spa Website Design Treatment.

However, how will people find your new and improved med spa website?

Did We Mention SEARCH?

There’s a fantastic thing that happens over a fairly short period of time when your medical spa website is redesigned with potential patients in mind … those potential patients find you! Therefore, when they jump into a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! and type things like “med spa near me” or any number of treatments you offer, like a rabbit out of a magicians hat, when they click “Enter,” your med spa site appears!

As a result, when they SEARCH, they find… YOU! Right now, that’s probably not happening. In fact, do you feel like a majority of your new patients say one of the two following things?

  1. You were the closest place nearby
  2. I heard about you from a friend of mine

What about EVERYONE ELSE? There are massive amounts of people in your area, even outside your area, looking for medical spa services… but, the way they find those services is by searching online, arriving at a beautiful, designed-for-them medical spa website, and booking an appointment or call.

A new, properly designed website changes everything! BUT, is it affordable?

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Why Are Websites So Expensive?

They’re actually not these days. They used to be REALLY expensive when only a select few knew how to create them, but now, with plug-and-play website creators, people can make a site that looks pretty and is desktop-to-mobile responsive. However, this isn’t always the best route…

Unless you’re a marketer, sites like Wix and Squarespace can actually hurt you. You end up spending money on a site that’s visually unappealing, slow, and not found in search.

For example, for affordability AND to get noticed online, it’s best to avoid the big, wide-spectrum marketing agencies and go with one that actually specializes in the medical spa industry. This is how you save money while KNOWING your site is designed and written with YOU in mind, your POTENTIAL PATIENTS in mind, and SEARCH in mind.

Other Medical Spa Website Design Ideas You Need To Consider…

Firstly, let’s talk about the prime marketing real estate on you website

Not only does your medical spa website design need to grab the attention of your potential patients within the first few seconds, it also should take advantage of a golden opportunity.  

For example, one of the biggest mistakes with medical spas website designs is not make use of prime marketing real estate. This is the area visible at the top of your page before scrolling down.  Therefore, the golden opportunity is to capture a potential patient’s email information so you can continue marketing to them via email. Place an email input form that connects to your email service provider in your website’s prime real estate area.

Does Your Medical Spa Website Design Include The Facebook Pixel?

Another very important element missed on medical spa website design is the installation of a tracking code (Facebook pixel).   This little snippet of code provided by Facebook enables you to remarket to people that have visited your website with targeted ads.  Even if you do not plan to use Facebook advertising right away, it is still valuable to start collecting the tracking data for future use.

You can easily install the pixel on your website using the wordpress plugin – Pixel Your Site with these 5 easy steps:

  1. Open your wordpress admin dashboard and install the free plugin – Pixel Your Site.
  2. Navigate to your Facebook Ad Manager Account, open the menu bar and then click on Pixels.
  3. You will find your Pixel ID number under your ad account name on the top left.  Highlight and copy your Pixel ID number.
  4. Navigate to the admin area of the Pixel Your Site plugin and paste the Pixel ID inside the dedicated field.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the “Activate General Settings” box and then click the SAVE button.  You’re all done!


However, word of warning when choosing a med spa marketing team, some teams create a template, create content, and use the exact same website and copy for all of their med spa owner. This is NOT good. To clarify, SEARCH punishes websites with duplicate content… which means, you just spent a lot of money on a website that everyone else has and WON’T be seen in search. Therefore, it’s always best to go with a medical spa marketing team that develops a website unique to you.

Need more medical spa website design ideas customized for your business?

Check out our Medical Spa Branding Vlog

Med Spa Growth & Profitability actually specializes in unique med spa website design. If you’re ready to up your Med Spa’s online presence and digital marketing game, we’re the team for the job!

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Here Are A Few Medical Spa Website Design Tools We Use & LOVE...

  1. Clickfunnels -  This what what we use to build not only our clients marketing funnels on but our own.  Want a FREE 14 Day Trial? ==>Click Here
  2. Thrive Themes - This site is primarily built on Thrive Themes.

  3.  Siteground - BEST Website Hosting Platform

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