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5 Key Things You MUST Consider When Choosing Your Med Spa Scheduling Software:

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Why is is important for you to implement medical spa scheduling software? We’ve all heard the phrase work smarter not harder, right? When it comes to owning a medical spa, this is especially true. After all, med spa owners have invested greatly to create a haven of health, beauty and relaxation with the goal and getting patients booked for medical spa services offered.  

However, all that work may not be producing booked appointments simply because of one small oversight…

Without knowing it, you are most likely making it very difficult for a patient (more importantly, a prospective patient) to book a consultation!


Yep, that’s right! A recent report suggests 76% of medical spa patients prefer to schedule consultation and appointments online. Usually, this is directly done on a website, app, or even on a social media platform. However, the eye opening reality is that a very small percentage of business actually take the patient (user) experience into consideration. 

Therefore most patients must call or even send an email and wait to hear back to for a confirmation of booked appointment.

Bad User Experience = Loss In Revenue 

Bad User Experience = Zero Customer Retention

Fortunately, there’s a simple answer that will not only create immediate results, automate your bookings, and save you $$! Medical spa scheduling software is a necessity for your practice here’s why…

The reason for the gap in patient preference for appointment booking and how they actually schedule appointments suggests that medical spas aren’t offering online booking service.

That’s where med spa scheduling software comes in. After all, a business scheduling software meets several needs while simultaneously providing equally as important benefits.


Some of the most obvious direct benefits to the Med Spa owner include increased patient satisfaction. Resource reallocation of a receptionist to tasks that require face to face interaction with patients is also a benefit.  However, one not so obvious but powerful indirect benefit is securing contact information. 

Simply having patient email contacts allow Med Spa owners to:

  • Track frequent and preferred treatments
  • Display their interest in each patient’s experience
  • Make patient’s feel special and appreciated

As a result, this type of personalized business communication can cause your patient to become an advertising vehicle. They will share their stories of the personalized service they receive at “their med spa” with all their friends!


There are plenty of software systems out there, but how do you know which one is right for your business? Here are a few factors to take into consideration:


You can’t go blowing all of your hard-earned revenue on med spa scheduling software. However, you need a scheduling system that’s going to work for you and your front desk staff. Firstly, start by setting an ideal budget and try to stick to it. Secondly, start looking for a software that’s within your price range and offers the most bang for your buck.

Which brings us to our next point…


How you determine software functionality varies based on individual wants and needs.  Here is a simple list of questions to answer to help you get started.

What do you NEED your scheduling software to do for you:

  1. Extensive reporting?
  2. Complete point-of-sale solutions?
  3. Book online appointments?
  4. Inventory management?
  5. Manage loyalty programs?
  6. Integrate with other software, (i.e. QuickBooks)
  7. Shared / pooling calendar with multiple employees 
  8. Text message reminders

In addition, separate the list into “needs” and “wants.” In a dream scenario, you’ll find several medical spa scheduling software options that meet all of your wants AND needs, but it helps to set realistic expectations so that you know what is essential and what you can still handle on your own even if your business software doesn’t.


So, now that you’ve found a few software options that meet your criteria, it’s time to ask the all-important question: Can you actually USE it?

Most importantly, you need to choose scheduling software that not only provides everything you need, but is also user-friendly. Keep in mind: User-friendly for one person is different than user-friendly for another. You’re the owner so you get to be the expert – if you’re not the expert, then you need to make sure your front-of-house knows the scheduling software inside and out so they can effectively train others.


Even if a business software is super user-friendly, the last thing you want is a patient to be standing in front of you as you try to figure out why the scheduling system won’t let you schedule a follow-up appointment.

Therefore, make sure you know what their customer service like. Can you get a hold of someone? Will there be a live answer and Is a chat service available?

Certainly, great customer support from your scheduling software company will help you better serve YOUR patients.


When all else fails, start reading reviews about what people like and don’t like. Reviews will give you an honest idea about the pros and cons of any medical spa scheduling software and help you choose the best one for your Medical Spa. You can also ask around for recommendations from your peers – honest word-of-mouth is always a great idea!

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Once you find the perfect software to automate scheduling and sales, you’ll be one step closer to working smarter not harder as a medical spa business owner. The next step? Automating your med spa marketing with effective strategies. Ready to get started?


Here are a few software companies that received great reviews:

  1. Mindbody:
  2. Acuity:
  3. Booker:

However, since everyone's needs are a little different, here are a couple that received great reviews and are absolutely FREE!

  1. Schedul:
  2. 10to8:

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