Medical Spa Marketing Strategies

4 Medical Spa Marketing Strategies to Help You Build Your Business FAST!

The med spa industry is growing! With more growth, however, comes more competition. That means you’re going to need some awesome medical spa marketing strategies in order to keep up.

But, don’t worry – The Med Spa Growth & Profitability Agency is here to help. Here are four smart medical spa marketing strategies to help you kick off 2019 with a bang:

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Scale Your Med Spa FAST with These Marketing Strategies

1. Market with Empathy

Imagine for a moment you move to a new city and have to find a new hair salon. Which spa are you most likely to visit? The flashiest one, the cheapest one, or the one with the stylists you have heard about. You do a little research and also find people are raving about the spa on social media.  The one you feel you can trust to cut your hair in a way that flatters your face and boosts your confidence?

If you answered the latter (which we’re guessing you did), then you already understand the average consumer. A potential client wants to know that they can TRUST you to take care of them and understand their wants and needs. You need to market to your audience with empathy – that’s how you build trust before the client even walks through the door.

So, how do you do that? By addressing a potential client’s wants and needs in your content! If someone is getting Botox for the first time, they may have questions or they may be nervous about the needles or side effects. Let your potential clients know that you understand their concerns and that the professionals at your med spa are there to answer questions and walk with them through every step of the process.

2. Build Your Online Presence

Building up your online presence is about more than just having a great website – it’s about great social media, great content, great reviews, and more. When potential clients search for you online, they need to see what you are all about – and fast.

Start by investing in a high-quality med spa website. You want to make sure your site is SEO-friendly so you show up in searches (what good is a website if Google can’t find it?!). You also want your site to be user-friendly, with features like easily accessible contact information, a complete list of services, frequently asked questions, and information about what sets your med spa apart from others (empathy, of course!).

Once you have your med spa website, you can start looking at creating a Facebook page and running successful Facebook advertising campaigns. You can also start managing your online reputation.  You can ask returning clients to leave you a review on sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Google.


ADVANCE MOVE: Want a more advance move? Ask you guest to “check in” on Facebook™ and Instagram™ when they arrive.  Then surprise the with a repost thanking them!
Example: Although not a med spa – European Wax Center does a fabulous job of this!

3. Create a Med Spa Marketing Calendar

Every industry is cyclical. There are times that are jam-packed with appointments and there are times when you can’t get enough foot traffic in the door.

But, your goal is to never have those lulls at YOUR spa, right?

That’s why creating a Med Spa Marketing Calendar is so important. By understanding the marketing cycle in the spa industry, you can create an overall strategy that accounts for these natural ebbs and flows.

For example, most industries boom around the holidays. People want to look their best at holiday functions (or to face that annoyingly perfect sister-in-law). You’ll want to start marketing any holiday packages early and keep leads flowing while maintaining your steady clientele. A Med Spa Marketing Calendar can help you do just that by letting you know when to deploy certain Facebook ads or emails to loyal clients.

Why else do you need a Marketing Calendar? If you plan your content calendar with medical spa marketing strategies in mind – you won’t have to worry about it during the busy weeks.  Your spa marketing will already be automated!  Your content will be working for you to generate leads so you can focus on the other elements of running your med spa business.

4. Automate Your Marketing to Work for You

Need help making your marketing work for your med spa? That’s where we come in. We help medical spa businesses worldwide scale to 7 and even 8 figures with effective and proven digital marketing strategies.

Our medical spa marketing strategies help you build TRUST with your potential clients through an effective website, a strong online presence, and great content. Ready to get started?

Start Making Your Med Spa Marketing Work for You.  Let Med Spa Growth & Profitability customize YOUR Medical Spa Marketing Strategies Blueprint.  => THE Blueprint