Medical Spa Ethics = Rapid Practice Growth

Medical Spa Ethics = Practice Growth & Patient Retention 

In this interview, Marisa Faircloth, PA-C provides a host of valuable tips that will help med spas expand their client base through ethical practice management. She explains why ethics are vital to building a strong reputation in the med spa industry. We will also cover ways to handle some of today's most challenging ethical situations that can arise with clients.

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In This Medical Spa Ethics Episode We'll Cover:

  • The factors driving unethical behavior in the med spa industry
  • Four questions clients should ask to assess a med spa's commitment to ethical practices
  • How to handle clients who request procedures that are not in their best interests
  • Designing a marketing strategy that captures your commitment to medical spa ethics and helps you attract clients 

Why Sound Ethical Practices are a MUST for Today's Med Spas? 

There are over 56,000 practices that offer injectable treatments in the United States. While this growth is impressive, there has been a disturbing surge in client complaints as evidenced by Better Business Bureau (BBB) reports and reviews. Many of these complaints stem from dissatisfaction with results or practices that fail to deliver promised results.

Marisa Faircloth is the founder of Restoration MedSpa, a North Carolina-based aesthetic practice that specializes in anti-aging treatments such as body contouring, injectables and hair loss treatments.

As the proud recipient of the BBB Torch Award for Ethics and an Allergan top 1% Diamond status provider, Restoration Med Spa is a model of excellence for sound medical spa ethics. She and her team live and   practices this every day! 

With decades of experience in the medical field, Faircloth has seen first hand how the lack of ethics can harm a med spa's growth and reputation. She has propelled her med spa to industry stardom by investing in her staff, analyzing her leads, and delivering what is promised to her clients. Which came very natural to Marisa.  Unfortunately, there are many aesthetic practices that need a lesson in medical spa ethics.

The Troubling Increase in Unethical Behavior in the Med Spa Industry

The aesthetic medical industry is booming across the globe. Experts predict that the aesthetic market will hit $24 billion by the year 2026. And while this growth is encouraging to med spa owners and operators, the rapid growth has caused a significant increase in the number of dissatisfied patients and complaints about practitioners. Many of these complaints are related to two factors:

  1. Untrained or inexperienced people administering treatments
  2. Practitioners performing procedures that will not benefit clients or are not in their best interests

You may wonder how unethical med spas stay afloat. Because many of their first-time clients have a bad experience, their repeat business is virtually non-existent. So these predatory practices direct their marketing initiatives toward new, unsuspecting prospects.

They often use highly aggressive pricing to secure an initial visit and stay in business by successfully targeting new customers who are unaware of their unethical practices.   In order to create a raving fan and a life long patients you must instill medical spa ethics in your staff.  

4 Questions Clients Should Ask Before Choosing on a Med Spa

Awareness is the key to avoiding the pitfalls outlined above. Prospective clients should carefully evaluate a med spa before proceeding with a treatment. In general, clients should focus more on the person who will be performing the procedure than the products used. 

There are four key questions they should ask before committing to a procedure such as body contouring, laser treatments, or injections:

  1. 1
    "May I please see your credentials and certifications?"
  2. 2
    "How much training do you have in this procedure?"
  3. 3
    ""May I please see some before and after photos?"
  4. 4
    "How are your staff trained to perform procedures?"

Medical Spa ethics dictates the practice should display all credentials and training certificates in a highly visible location.  This way clients do not even have to ask for them. Before and after photos should be displayed on the your website, along with the education and credentials of each treatment specialist. 

Clients should also take some time to read the med spa's online reviews and Better Business Bureau rating. While it is normal for a well-established med spa to have an occasional one or two-star review, a disproportionate number of unfavorable ratings is a major red flag.

How to Handle Unreasonable Client Requests That Do Not Align with You Medical Spa Ethics?

Unrealistic expectations and requests for procedures that are not in a client's best interest are more common than ever in the med spa arena. And while some practitioners may know at heart that they will not be able to make a 60 year-old's wrinkles disappear after one round of Botox injections, they will agree to treat the patient without suggesting that she temper expectations.

Other clients arrive with more than unrealistic expectations. They demand procedures that will end up distorting their face or making them look unnatural. For instance, a woman who has clearly received lip injections recently arrives at the office of a new provider and demands more lip injections. 

Handling these requests is not easy. However, you can manage difficult situations by keeping the following points in mind:
  • Strive to maximize benefit for patients as opposed to promoting a trend
  • Do not be reluctant to refer a patient to another practitioner if you feel uncomfortable performing a procedure
  • Remember that you do not need to treat every person who walks through your door
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Design a Marketing Strategy that Showcases Your Ethics and Attracts New Clients

As outlined above, ethical practices lead to more repeat business. Med spas that consistently model outstanding practices should showcase their commitment to ethical operations in their marketing initiatives. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Market your quality and service above all else
  • Feature before and after photos to illustrate that you deliver results
  • Consider a referral program for clients who refer new customers
  • Be sure to monitor the results of your marketing initiatives

Following the tips above will help you create a "Culture of Ethics" within your med spa. From your practitioners to your marketing team to your support staff, it is important to manage client expectations and educate them about their options. This will enable you to establish a trusted relationship that will lead them to become a long-term client.

To learn more about building an ethical practice and expanding your customer base, join us at the 2020 Med Spa Growth and Profitability Summit. We look forward to helping you make 2020 your best year ever!

Full transcription of  Interview with Marisa Faircloth on Med Spa Ethics = Rapid Practice Growth...

Guest Expert Marisa Faircloth - Medical Spa Ethics = Rapid Practice Growth
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Marisa Faircloth, PA-C


blue logo from restoration med spa, featured on the medical spa ethics podcast

A graduate of Wake Forest University’s Bowman Gray School of Medicine’s Physician Assistant Program, Marisa is a seasoned professional who has dedicated more than 35 years of her health care career toward medical aesthetics, plastic surgery and weight loss.

During the early years of her career, she had the good fortune to work with some of the best plastic surgeons in the region. She thought then what she knows now, that less-invasive procedures are perfect for people who don’t want or need a drastic change to their overall appearance.

Marisa passionately describes her mission: “My calling and my God-given gift is to uncover the hidden beauty in each person who walks through my doors.” Her years of experience and devotion to her work make her a sought-after injector of Botox®, Juvéderm™, Voluma™, Volbella™, Vollure™, and Kybella™. She is credentialed as a Master Level Injector and is also awarded Top 500 Status with Allergan, placing her among the Top One Percent (1%) of injectors in the nation. Marisa is a trainer for both Allergan and Merz, and she’s a sought-after Forbes speaker. Marisa recently spoke at the virtual Aesthetic Extender Symposium.

She is known for her “excellent eye” and is well versed in the use of CoolSculpting®, Ultherapy, lasers, radio frequency, and much more. She also has extensive experience in weight loss, having owned four weight loss clinics and implemented weight loss programs for 20 medical clinics. Her goal is to restore the beauty that is within and discover the best non-invasive procedures. She creates a customized treatment plan for each client during their complimentary consultation.

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