Optimize Your Medical Spa Design for Maximum Return

Blend wellness services, branding and esthetics together! Mallory Lennon shares with us WHY medical spa design is the MOST important aspect to effectively communicate your brand.  

You will Learn the Starting Point to a GREAT Medical Spa Design is:

  1. To have a clear understanding of your mission, concept and program. This should dictate all of the design elements within your spa.
  2. Remember that medical spa design communicates your brand message on a very personal level. A level where clients are intimately interacting with your brand using their five senses.
  3. The moment you attach the world spa to medical, as in “medspa” or “medical spa” you build client expectations that need to be met through many facets of the brand. 

Your Med Spa should TELL A STORY of who you are! 
Something timeless...

Today, I spoke with Mallory Lennon, the passionate founder of Reimagine Designs  — a full-service design firm that focuses on function, aesthetics, and emotion for medical spa design!

Mallory believes that people and spaces should be intimately connected. She went over some of her most critical design strategies, and how she and her team can reposition your brand to reimagine your space.

Let’s see what she says!

Focus On Your Reception Area

I asked Mallory about her 3 top suggestions with medical spa design. First and foremost, she recommends paying close attention to your reception area.

Make the area as private and comfortable as possible. Always include a refreshment area with a sideboard or built-in to accommodate beverages and light food service. The area should have strategic use of wall coverings and partitions to help dampen any noise. Also the floor and table decor make for a comfortable and relaxed environment.  

Without a doubt these will be your key brand differentiators. This is one of the areas of missed opportunity for not only revenue but also for branding!

Communicate Your Brand Into The Design

Communication is key. There, I said it. So when it comes to medical spa design it’s about taking the intangible and presenting it in a tangible way. Above all that can be perceived easily by your clients. Above all, Mallory shared some of her ways to transform your med spa through design elements of colour, shape, and texture.

  1. Firstly, remember Form Follows Function. You want to clearly define all of the functional areas of your medical spa. For example, a retail space, reception area, and treatment spaces.
  2. Secondly, identify Your Target Audience. After that, take the next step to identify your customer base. Clearly predict who your clients are and give them a space they want to see!
  3. Lastly, know Your Service List. In other words, it’s important to know upfront what you specialize in and what you can offer clients. This will impact your medical spa design tremendously.

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Future Proof Your Med Spa 

Here’s a tip for you! Before rushing to incorporate all the latest medical spa design trends… take a moment to consider how that might look years from now. You know doubt want the space to feel fresh and up to date. But choose timeless versus trendy interior design, says Mallory.

As you attempt to strike the right balance between trendy and timeless, it’s important to recognize that your medical spa design will evolve over the years. No matter how timeless the design you chose, you’ll likely want to make changes and update things over time.  

The trick is to choose where to follow the trends and where to remain neutral and timeless in your medical spa design choices.

Best Places To Incorporate Trends

Even if you’re dedicated to timeless design…  More than likely, you still want to incorporate some of the latest trends into your medical spa design. Here are a few of the most practical places to introduce some trendy style…

  • Firstly, Lighting: Trendy lighting fixtures can do a lot to make a room feel stylish and new. Table or floor lamps are easy to swap out but even hard-wired fixtures are great and can be easily replaced.
  • Secondly, Rugs: When freshening up flooring, it’s much cheaper and simpler to change out a formally trendy rugs than to replace the built-in flooring material underneath.
  • Thirdly, Walls: Here is a GREAT place to update your interior to the latest colour palette with a relatively inexpensive wall sticker or paint job. You can even do this yourself!
  • Lastly, Accents: In general, choose the smallest, least expensive items to reflect on today’s trends. Think small furniture pieces, like accent chairs, statuary, containers,  and plant pots.

Full transcription of  Interview on how to use choose the right retail products for your Med Spa...

Guest Expert on Retail Medical Spa Design - Learn more about Mallory Lennon:

Mallory Lennon
Founder Interior Designer

Reimagine Designs is lead by passionate founder, Mallory Lennon, who is committed to the success of every project. 

Mallory loves to challenge the status quo – she thrives on individuality and the art of uniqueness. This philosophy is observed in her work and her approach to each new project thrown her way.

Her passion is a testament to her work ethic, which allows her to create unmistakably Reimagined spaces.

After graduating from Interior Design school in 2013, Mallory holds an active membership with ARIDNBIDC, and holds provisional status with NCIDQ.

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