How to Perfect Your Medical Spa Branding with Alex Courson

Create a more beautiful future for your med spa! In this interview Alex Courson shares why you NEED medical spa branding and HOW to effectively tell your story. You will learn the four basic steps to designing a brand and launching it out to your market. Alex will also share tips on how to get the right look and feel through medical spa branding!  

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Your Brand: Name & Reputation Mean Everything
  • Your Website: Your #1 Marketing Tool
  • A Video Blog: Education That Drives Traffic
  • Social Media: Where Your Prospects Are

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Medical Spa Branding Is a MUST! 
Here's Why...

In this episode, I talk with creative genius Alex Courson who runs Finity Creative Group — not your usual cookie-cutter medical spa branding, marketing and sales management group! New times and new audiences require new approaches. To help with your medical spa branding, Alex explains the key elements that make up an effective medical spa branding strategy.

Learn why each component is so important, and get tips you can use right now to revitalize your medical spa branding and marketing plan. 

Your Brand… Must Have a Foundation That Is Inviting, Accessible & Tells a Story

Patients come to you to make physical changes, but they do so for emotional reasons. Your service is about their self-image. Your marketing must speak to that, balancing factual information with a just-right appeal to their desire for self-improvement.

You don’t need a trade association to tell you that competition in your industry is increasing. You can feel it every day! That’s why branding is critical. Your name must be immediately recognizable. Your reputation must be synonymous with excellence and professionalism. That “brand promise” builds trust and confidence in prospects. Living up to it every day reinforces your branding and builds loyalty.

Without a doubt, your foundation is one of the most important steps for not only revenue but also for medical spa branding. 

Your Website… Is Your Most Essential Marketing Tool 

People don’t usually stop by your med spa to look around or chat about services. They search online! Your website serves as your storefront, and searchers click to go inside. Will they stay to browse your services and perhaps “purchase” an appointment? To increase that likelihood, your site must be attractive, effective and unique. Do not use Wix. 

Clients will engage with your website if you give them a reason to do so. Alex explains that this starts with making a great first impression! Your website must tell visitors you’re knowledgeable and professional and that you offer the services they want, too.

Your medical spa branding should reflect:

  • A clean and inviting business through your brand’s overall look and feel.  
  • That you care about your patients and you have personality too.
  • That your med spa is friendly, comfortable and trustworthy!

With all this in place, why wouldn’t they choose you? 

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Video Blog… VIP Resources to Educate About Your Trends & Treatments

Here’s a prime tip: Having a video can make or break your medical spa branding strategy. Alex emphasizes that video has tremendous drawing power! Blogging is an essential ingredient to a successful brand because it:

  • Brands you as an expert provider of medical aesthetic procedures and products
  • Introduces you and your business to potential new patients
  • Keeps your business top-of-mind with prospects and past patients
  • Educates prospects and current patients about procedures and best practices
  • Boosts search engine optimization (SEO), so you gain more search traffic

The useful information you provide via blog articles broadens awareness of your med spa and generates better-informed leads. It’s a win-win!

Social Media… Engaging Prospects in the Places Where They Spend Their Time

Effective social marketing is another essential for medical spa branding. It allows you to zero in on target audiences by location and other demographic factors. You can interact with prospects, current patients, and referring colleagues, so you can directly and indirectly build your business.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are all good avenues for your medical branding strategy. Use posts to share information and encourage engagement. 

Want more insight on medical spa branding? Check out Alex’s blog, Finity Creative Group, where she breaks down some of her agency’s time-tested strategies as well as provides tips — like how to beautify your website!

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Guest Expert on Medical Spa Branding - Learn more about Alex Courson and her services:
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Alex Courson
Founder Finity Creative Group

Alex Courson crafts medical spa branding messages that propel clients into success while incorporating scalable business and branding practices, as well as combining digital and holistic marketing with public relation practices.

From designing award-winning campaigns, to strategic medical spa branding, Alex has helped corporations consistently reach global benchmarks for the past 10 years. 

She prides herself in creative messaging, strategy, and medical spa branding that tie together, rather than divide, sales and marketing.

A global speaker, trainer, and strategic savant, she has been called on to assist in everything from start-ups to global campaigns. She is passionate about helping service-based entrepreneurs and free-thinkers.

Always a philanthropist and determined to put a dent in world poverty through education, resources and action, Alex consistently gives a percentage of her profits to Kiva, a not-for-profit micro-lending mechanism to assist entrepreneurs around the globe. 

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