Live Telephone Medical Answering Service for Your Med Spa

In this interview, I talk to Jamie Lowary, the Channel Relations Manager for PATLive. PATLive is a live telephone medical answering service that partners with businesses to alleviate the issue of missed calls and missed potential sales. She shares industry insights on exactly what a single missed call is costing you. You’ll also learn how choose the right live telephone medical answering service for your medical spa. This way your patients or prospective patients feel they’re valued because they’re talking to someone in your office each and every time they call!

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • How your med spa is probably missing 85% of first time consultation 
  • How you can instantly level up your customer service and patient loyalty game!
  • Exactly how a live telephone medical answering service can assist during prime time hours as well as after hours
  • What you should look for when selecting a live telephone medical answering service for your med spa

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Why Your Med Spa MUST Have a Live Telephone Medical Answering Service...

How to Increase New Sales Just by ANSWERING the Phone

Jamie gets right to the point about why it’s critical for a medical spa, or any business for that matter, to answer their phone.  

She shares the jaw-dropping statistic that 85% of first-time potential customers will never call a medical spa back if their call isn’t answered live. She reminds us that first-time callers have NO customer loyalty!

As a result, if you don’t answer, the next medical spa on the caller’s list will… and they’ll get that client sale, along with any future sales opportunity. You’ve lost out forever.

Why Your Phone Rang 100 Times but You Only Have 5 Voicemails

Ever wonder why your phone seemed to ring off the hook all day long but your voicemail only confirmed five new messages?  

Jamie says it’s because 80% of existing customers won’t ever leave a voicemail. What’s even more concerning, studies show when customers make a call to a company, they are in an active buying state.

As a result, simply answering calls can result in increased sales and provide a higher level of confidence for your customer. When you answer their calls, they know the next time they’re ready to make a purchase or have a question, someone at your med spa is just a call away.

Why a Live Telephone Medical Answering Service Is Not Just for After Hours

There are two types of live telephone medical answering services. First is a “big box call center” that often leaves the caller uncertain if anyone will get their message or call them back.   

The second type is a boutique live answering service, like PATLive, which can and will provide various types of support. This service often mimics the duties of a receptionist by answering all calls, booking appointments, and answering frequently asked questions. They will also route concerns and ensure any emergencies are escalated properly.  

Another great reason to use a boutique type services is that it frees up your office personnel, leaving desk staff free to interact with your in-person clients. When your phone support is delegated to a dedicated service, you ensure you never miss another potential client call or sale.

If your #MedSpa does not answer the phone, your prospective patient will on to the next that does. #Truth #MedSpaMarketing #customerservice @patlive

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What should you look for when selecting a live telephone medical answering service?

Not all live medical phone answering services are the same. Your med spa’s needs should be the ultimate driver when selecting a service that will provide the support you need.  

Here’s a short list of attributes to evaluate live answering services:

  • Industry experience and knowledge – a good service will know your industry
  • Eagerness to learn your business needs and desires, so they can serve as a partner in your business
  • The ability to effectively (and clearly) communicate with your clients and staff
  • Quick call answering: Jamie suggests that calls should be answered in 20 seconds or less
  • A solid recording & reporting system that tracks, measures and communicates service effectiveness
  • 24/7 availability

If you want to learn more about a live telephone medical answering service for your medical spa visit, or give Jamie a call at 1 (888) 995-1558.

Rest assured that your call will be answered (in twenty seconds or less!) so you can get the information you need for your practice.

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Guest Expert on Live Telephone Answering Service for Med Spas - Learn more about Jamie Lowary 

Jamie Lowary is the Channel Relations Manager for PATLive, a 24/7 live answering service. PATLive has answered phone calls for thousands of businesses for over 28 years. Using their top-notch agents and proprietary technology, PATLive helps their customers provide wow-worthy customer service.

Jamie Lowary, Channel Relations Manager

PATLive -  1 (888) 995-1558

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