Opening A Med Spa: How to Pick the Right Location 

First of all, a doctor’s office is considered a destination. It does not rely heavily on being in the hippest part of town. Patients will travel to see a doctor. Opening a med spa is different because its success relies heavily on its location. So, how do we combine these two together?

Therefore, the BEST way to avoid the hassles is to learn from other existing med spas. Veteran real estate agent, Elyse Cheffer teaches us the importance of choosing your ideal location when opening a med spa. With over 16 years’ experience and multiple top producer awards to her name — she holds the keys to boost your practice’s profitability…

Real Estate 101: Pick the Right Location

  • Pros & Cons of Leasing VS Purchasing
  • How To Target Audience with Real Estate
  • Future Growth Plays Into Decisions & Negotiations

Most importantly, walk away feeling more confident about opening a med spa! In other words, you’ll become equipped and prepared to make an informed decision about your location.  

You must be as excited as I am to share these secrets so… let’s dive right in!

Opening a Successful Med Spa...
Purchase or Lease? 

Furthermore, Elyse says that for most clients, this is their first EVER piece of commercial property. In other words, they are not prepared to make a large purchase. So instead, clients are opting in to a lease to open a med spa and acquire new revenue. 

You have probably rented a property or two before purchasing your first home, right? Consequently, it just makes sense. Unlike a home your med spa requires very expensive equipment, staffing, costly parking and other monthly overheads. Extra expenses that consequently add-up quick! Therefore, these expenses should be factored in to your overall budget when opening a med spa….

You MUST Look Before You Lease:

  • Firstly, READ & UNDERSTAND the contract before signing anything 
  • Next, Consider Additional Costs not every expense is disclosed upfront 
  • Then, Make Sure You Inquire about utilities (i.e. electricity, water, etc.)
  • Don’t Forget to Consider HEATING/COOLING – both are extra & expensive
  • Lastly, Get A Quote On Insurance:  (i.e. hazard, flood, etc.) 

Furthermore, Elyse reminds us that although leases are generally lower-risk than purchasing — you have to be business savvy when shopping for real estate. In other words, choose your lease wisely!

The PERFECT location. What to Look for And Consider:

Most importantly, Elyse stressed the importance of understanding your target audience. What appeals to one person may not appeal to the next. A higher income bracket means higher style and even higher expectations. So, if your hope is to target the high income clients, then you must consider this when opening a med spa:

  • Most important is your curb appeal 
  • Be situated in a high-traffic area 
  • Remember ambiance is crucial  

As a result, the devil is in those details! You don’t want to miss the mark on your targeted customers, because you cheapened out on your building! On the flip-side, if you want a wider audience who has less discretionary income —  it doesn’t make sense to waste money on an expensive space. The return simply is not there.

However, both audiences will benefit from high-traffic areas. Consider things like distance from highways, whether the location is easy to access, and if there’s enough parking available.

Starting SMALL? Why it’s Important to THINK BIG:

Everyone starts somewhere — queue Drake’s “Started from the Bottom” here. It’s hard to scale up overnight but growth can happen quickly. Especially when you’re working with the Med Spa Growth & Profitability Team! It is critical to keep your future in sight.

FUN FACT: Most med spas start out as dermatological offices — which obviously accepted insurance. Those insurance companies might have gotten patients through their doors, but the med spa is responsible for its own marketing when opening a med spa!

Yet another reason why a high traffic area is super important. The easier the access, the easier you will grow!

Speaking of GROWTH… Here are more benefits of leasing!

Remember Leasing Can be Flexible:

Also, flexibility is critical as you work to launch and grow your practice. It’s what allows you to expand as your business is booming! It’s difficult to determine exactly how much space you will need. A lease will allow you some wiggle room when opening a med spa.

Working with a Real Estate Agent? Here’s What to Consider:

We all know that a good realtor is someone who has your back.. not the backs of your building owner or leasing manager! Find someone who has your best interests in mind when opening a med spa. 

When Deciding on a Real Estate Agent…

  • Look into their background. For example: Elyse’s background is in investments; is savvy financially with real estate, offering the complete package!
  • Know Residential is different from Commercial. We all have friends or family members who sell houses… commercial is a whole different story! Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t understand the industry.
  • Is your Real Estate Agent trustworthy? Consider their interactions with yourself and others! Make sure you’re working with a professional who cares about your objectives and business goals.
  • Factor in their response time. They should be presenting you with viable options and fast! Take note of how quickly they response to correspondence. You need an agent who’s easy to reach and quick to respond.

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Remember: When Opening A Med Spa…

  1. Hire A Professional. Specializing in commercial leasing who has your best interests at heart.
  2. Define Your Audience. Keep your targets in mind and express these to your agent.
  3. Lease Your First Practice. Watch out for hidden expenses. Read your contract thoroughly.
  4. Think Like Your Patients. Factor in costs to make your patients feel comfortable.  

Full transcription of  Interview on how to use choose the right location when opening your Med Spa...

Guest Expert Elyse Cheffer - Picking the Perfect Location when Opening a Med Spa:

Elyse Cheffer
If you’re interested in working with expert real estate agent Elyse, she encourages you to give her a call directly on her cell phone: 239-287-1766. 

She is readily available and “always has her phone". Take advantage of the pros people! Someone who has worked in real estate for over 16 years.

An expert in assisting buyers and sellers with opening a med spa -- commercial and residential real estate sales in the state of Florida.

A real estate agent who has a passion for people and receives great satisfaction in helping others achieve their goals and objectives. 

Elyse has routinely been the recipient of performance awards for sales and customer service.  Receiving Top Producer Awards consecutively for the last eight years beginning 2010 to date.

Additionally, Elyse is experienced as an international speaker. Consequentially sharing her up to date strategies specific to real estate purchasing  when opening a med spa.

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