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Fresh Start Surgical Gifts | How We Give Back

By investing in your business growth and working with us, you are also impacting the life of a child through Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. The entire Med Spa Growth & Profitability team is dedicated to leaving a legacy. We support organizations that have a positive impact in our community and the health of our children.

As successful members of the community, we feel we not only have responsibility, but also the privilege, of giving back. Our company has chosen to support Fresh Start, an organization that is forever transforming lives through long-term reconstructive surgeries and ongoing care. 

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In fact, we feel so strongly about giving back to our community that when you work with Med Spa Growth & Profitability, we donate a portion of your business investment toward Fresh Start Surgical Gifts to help children in need.

That’s right! We are not just helping you build your medical spa business with our proven medical spa marketing strategies. When you work with us, you are also investing into a child’s future. Together we are giving kids the confidence to build a Fresh Start to an even brighter future!

Get to Know Fresh Start Surgical Gifts

United To Help Children… Transforming Lives Since 1991  

Smiling boy with batman facepaint; patient of Fresh Start Surgical Gifts Med Spa Growth & Profitability donations For over 25 years, the nonprofit organization Fresh Start Surgical Gifts has been successful in bringing together talented, caring medical professionals to help children with deformities feel better about themselves, and be more comfortable in society. They not only help children endure, they give them the opportunity to  flourish.

100% of contributions go directly to medical programs

Fresh Start is a San Diego-based regional, nonprofit charity for children. Their purpose is helping children with deformities transform their lives through long-term reconstructive surgery and ongoing care. As an organization that helps children, when Fresh Start accepts a patient, they make a commitment to maintain a long-term medical relationship when necessary and appropriate.  

“Saying thank you may not be enough, but that is all I have. You helped me regain my life, and you have made me see that for every problem that is in the world. There is someone who will always help you get back up on your feet. Someday, I’ll be one of the many great surgeons helping, so save a spot for me.” ~ DANIEL, age 17

We Are Part of Their Journey
Generous Support Is Greatly Needed… Change a Life Today   

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Fresh Start Surgical Gifts helps children with physical deformities through the gift of reconstructive services. Sponsoring a child is the most powerful way we can help transform a life.

One of the many reasons our founder, April Iannazzone, chose this charity is that 100% of each donation directly benefits the children they serve. They are one of the top child charities in the nation!


Remarkable Before & Afters

Our Hearts Beat for These Kids

Your med spa has created before & after stories highlighting how treatments have impacted the lives of your patients. Let’s help Fresh Start create these transformational stories as well. Just like your medical spa, Fresh Start has done some amazing transformations that have changed the lives of some pretty incredible children. Here are just a few of their success stories…

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A boy wearing a red shirt smiling because he is going to receive a surgery from Fresh Start Surgical Gifts

Ramses - A Long Time Patient

Ramses was born with a condition called amelogenesis imperfecta, a tooth development disorder. This condition causes teeth to have abnormal coloration and take on an unusually small, pitted or grooved form. The teeth are also prone to rapid wear and breakage. These symptoms made it difficult for Ramses to eat, and he was often in pain. Because of how his condition was perceived, Ramses rarely smiled and found it difficult to be in public.

Over the course of 6 years Ramses attended more than 60 dental clinics. He underwent cosmetic surgery to achieve the beautiful smile he has now. His dental treatment included braces, therapeutic head-gear, a surgery to realign his jaw line, regular dental hygiene visits, and finally in March of 2014 he received porcelain veneers.

“I now have the confidence to walk up to girls; I would not have done so before”

(Translated from Spanish)

Through it all, Dr. Al A. Fallah, DDS, Cosmetic Dentistry has been by Ramses’ side, providing him with free dental care in San Diego and restoring his smile at no cost. Ramses is now more confident, no longer hides his smile, and is a proud reason why we chose Fresh Start.


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Eleanor_before | Fresh start surgical Gifts

Eleanor - A Patient Since 1994

Born with a hair nevus (giant mole), a potentially fatal congenital disease, Eleanor faced a 10% risk of her disease degenerating into cancer. The giant mole covered her entire upper back and upper chest, as well as large areas of both buttocks and thighs. When she was a baby, Eleanor's mother Roza took her to Moscow to see a skin specialist, only to be told that there was nothing that could be done and that Eleanor would likely be dead by the age of 10.

Luckily, Roza was the director of an orphanage from which several children were being adopted by American families through the Global Children’s Organization. A doctor from Palm Springs took up Eleanor’s cause and got her to the USA to receive treatment. Her first 6 nevus removal surgeries were performed at Harbor UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, California.   

In May of 1994, Eleanor became a patient of Fresh Start, receiving free cosmetic surgery for kids. Eleanor would need many more surgeries over the ensuing years. Since 1994 Eleanor has made countless trips to San Diego and has received numerous surgeries and other treatments with Fresh Start, such as nevus removal.

She received her last treatment from in 2007 - proof that Fresh Start’s reconstructive surgery stories are not bound by time, but by results. We are so proud to be a part of this cause.


Our Founder April Iannazzone recently interviewed Michelle Pius about Fresh Start.  
Click below to learn more about Fresh Start Surgical Gifts & watch the full interview

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