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Social Media For Med Spas: What You NEED to Know

A cell phone showing social media for med spas icons. Such as facebook, instagram, twitter, and linkedin

Social Media For Med Spas: What You NEED to Know When prospective patients look for a service provider, one of the factors that will influence their initial perception will be how social media for med spas was used. Social media for medical spas will quickly either build trust and authority or make your prospective patients doubt the quality and expertise of your services. But without a doubt, it will definitely play a role in their decision making. After all, the services you offer will impact how they look and feel; you can be certain that when someone walks through your door, it wasn’t by accident. It was the result of time, research, and recommendations. And where does that all start? […]


Google’s Advertising Ban on Stem Cell

Light blue background with a syringe and words that read: Google Advertising Ban on Stem Cell

Google’s Advertising Ban On Stem Cell Therapies & Other Experimental Procedures Share0 Tweet0 Share0   When asked about the latest Google advertising ban on stem cell therapies and other experimental medical procedures Google Policy Advisor Adrienne Biddings writes…”Digital advertising helps fuel an open internet for people all over the world – allowing billions of people to ask questions, find answers, and discover new ideas”.   In today’s world of technology, digital advertising has been the go-to medium for various industries in general and medical practices specifically. Medical spa owners, chiropractors, and doctors alike have turned to the internet to advertise their treatment services to patients who need them.         However, stem cell therapies, along with other unproven […]