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Grey Scale image of man and woman with text that reads Medical Spa Profit Margin on top of blue bar

Medical Spa Profit Margin: Here’s What You Need to Know!

Many med spa owners do not take their profit margins into consideration when they open their doors.

Some might not even be sure what a profit margin is.But they need to learn to treat their med spa like a business.

They need those profits to keep their business running in the long term. There are six numbers that every business owner needs to know:

Greyscale image showing a many and a woman smiling text reads Reputation Management. How your medical spa can be proactive

Image Matters: Online Reputation Management Tips for Med Spas

In this interview, Craig Daly gives med spas the inside tips they need to develop a proactive reputation management strategy designed to deal with problems before they arise. He’ll explain why reputation management is so essential to med spas in particular and which channels matter when it comes to building and sustaining a positive reputation.