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Google’s Advertising Ban on Stem Cell

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Google’s Advertising Ban On Stem Cell Therapies & Other Experimental Procedures Share0 Tweet0 Share0  When asked about the latest Google advertising ban on stem cell therapies and other experimental medical procedures Google Policy Advisor Adrienne Biddings writes…”Digital advertising helps fuel an open internet for people all over the world – allowing billions of people to ask questions, find answers, and discover new ideas”. In today’s world of technology, digital advertising has been the go-to medium for various industries in general and medical practices specifically. Medical spa owners, chiropractors, and doctors alike have turned to the internet to advertise their treatment services to patients who need them.    However, stem cell therapies, along with other unproven medical treatments, shouldn’t be among those services practice […]


Medical Spa Market Analysis: The Numbers Don’t Lie

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What the Current Medical Spa Market Analysis Shows… It is really surprising that most people open a medical spa without doing the proper research and a medical spa market analysis. “My dream is to open my own med spa.” We’ve heard this many times before. To open a medical spa this year or in the near future, these are the questions to ask: Do I have enough time to run a business? What services do I want to offer? Is the market right to open a med spa? While we can’t answer the first question for you, we’ve the answer on the last two. Here’s a brief medical spa market analysis to show what’s happening in the industry: The Market […]