Aesthetic Advertising: How to Use VIDEO to Become THE Authority

In this episode, Ian Garlic shares why Aesthetic Advertising and video sells clients before they ever step foot in your med spa. You will learn exactly why video is so powerful, and what types of video have the most impact. Discover too, how taking the time to shoot video will save you time while increasing your revenue and client base!  

In this episode, we’ll cover:
  • How to get potential clients to know, like and trust you as an established authority before they even meet you!
  • How to spend less time selling and more time serving, and producing income at the same time!
  • The MUST HAVE videos every med spa should have on their site!
  • How to quickly create Aesthetic Advertising and video that can add warmth to a cold, sterile website.

If You're Not Using Video In your Med Spa Marketing & Aesthetic Advertising... You're Missing the Boat! 

What is the “mere exposure” effect… and why should every med spa owner care?

The mere exposure effect causes people to know, like and trust you because they have seen you multiple times. Aesthetic Advertising via video is a very simple, efficient way to stay face to face with your potential clients. This is extremely important for medical spas because of the type of services you provide.

Your potential clients need to:
  1. Feel they are making the right decision in choosing you.
  2. Be able to trust that you are the best at what you do.
  3. Be confident they can relate to you and you can relate to them.

Prudent clients have completed their homework by the time they walk into your medical spa. If you have enabled viewers to get to know you through your Aesthetic Advertising, their questions are already answered. Most come in with fewer questions and fewer objections.  

Your potential client’s first visit will be the last step in the confirmation process. Because of how you used video in your Aesthetic Advertising, they’ll be ready to schedule their procedure when they walk in the door.

What Are the ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE Videos to Include on Your Med Spa Website?

To effectively include videos in your Aesthetic Advertising, it’s important to know that every video is not created equal. There are specific types of videos every website, especially med spas, should have displayed for your visitors.

I’ll share them here based on impact and viewer engagement!

The two MOST IMPORTANT  video types are your case stories and your “About Us” videos.  

Case stories are rapport bridges. They connect people emotionally to your medical spa. Case stories should be used across your website and throughout your Aesthetic Advertising.

Did you know that the “About Us” page is the second most viewed page on websites? If you don’t have an “About Us” video, don’t feel bad. Most people don’t.  

It’s on this page, through a well-done video, that your practice will really stand out!

Viewers will see it as a place that’s warm and personable. They will instantly start connecting with you and your staff. 

Frequently asked questions and  service process videos are also extremely powerful!

Using these two types of videos in your Aesthetic Advertising will reduce time spent answering repetitive questions. These videos will also address the most common objections that could arise for your ideal client.

Your prospective patient will feel empowered because they now have the knowledge and confidence they need to move forward with scheduling their desired procedures!

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These three simple secrets reveal how to create amazing video for your Aesthetic Advertising quickly & effectively.  

These tips will reduce your time in front of the camera and, more importantly, time in consultations with “tire kickers” and price shoppers.

This way you can stay focused on what you do best… Transforming the lives of your patients!

Shooting video is not difficult, nor does it have to be time consuming. This is especially true if you know some “well kept” secrets to getting in, getting on camera and getting done!

Here are the secrets to easily create video for your website and Aesthetic Advertising: 

Secret #1:

Batch and be done!! Batching video creation allows you to sit down, have your team come in and record everything in one day, in a 2-hour window you’ve set aside specifically for shooting videos.

Secret #2:

Plan your videos out ahead of time. This way you can get a ton of videos done in brief window of interviewing or shooting. Your Aesthetic Advertising and website videos can be completed for months… maybe even years!

Secret #3:

Keep your videos entertaining and informative, but short. While some types of videos will require more time, it’s best to keep most of them down to three minutes, especially when incorporating the videos into your Aesthetic Advertising.

Your viewers have a short attention span. Unless it’s a procedure/process video, they’ll get distracted and stop watching.

And here’s a little BONUS secret for you….

ALL of your video content should be repurposed! 

Yep, a lot of people miss this HUGE opportunity! Let me say it again… REPURPOSE (reuse) your videos in different pieces of your content marketing and Aesthetic Advertising. 

REPURPOSING is key in keeping your face in front of viewers without doing a lot of additional work!

Are you ready to incorporate video on your medical spa’s website and into your Aesthetic Advertising?

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Do you want to be THE authority to your patients?
Do you want to be remembered, to stand out and be the only choice?
Your stories, specifically videos of your stories, are the best way.

Ian Garlic has helped medical providers to stand out and become the experts using video storytelling for over 10 years.

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