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With our medical spa marketing agency team, we'll create a flawless online marketing funnel. This automated lead generating machine will guarantee a predictable flow of high quality leads that will seamlessly convert into new patients!


Don't waste another dollar on your social spend without a customized digital marketing strategy.  Let us pull together your med spa digital marketing strategy that will crush your sales objectives!


Leave your most powerful med spa marketing tool in the hands of ELITE Facebook Marketing Experts! Let us quickly scale your med spa practice using our advanced methods.


Every one of your promotions must be strategic. Have a game plan (STOP boosting posts)! Need a creative one-off ad campaign? We'll deliver one that not only produces incredible results, but that your clients can't help but share!

YOUR Million Dollar Medical Spa Marketing Call...

How can a single call transform your Med Spa?

This isn't just any call, this is a MILLION DOLLAR Med Spa MARKETING call.

In one FREE, no strings attached consultation, we'll discuss your business goals and determine where you are versus where you could be!

We don't title this call the Million Dollar Marketing call to "hook" people -- no -- we call it that because that's exactly what happens! We are experts at scaling practices fast. Our proven med spa marketing funnels are strategically designed to have high quality consultations BOOKED on your calendar!

Since 2013, we have helped over 800 businesses increase their sales through our proven digital marketing process.

YOUR Medical Spa Marketing Strategy...

Looking for the best medical spa marketing agency? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Med Spa Growth & Profitability. We specialize in advanced growth and marketing strategies for medical spa business owners.

We’re here for one thing only, and that is to help YOU rapidly grow your practice. We help businesses worldwide scale to 7 and even 8 figures.

It’s time to stop struggling to generate a consistent flow of new HIGH QUALITY LEADS and BOOKED CONSULTATIONS. April Iannazzone and her team of experts provide cutting edge marketing for medical spa business owners.  

Our elite med spa marketing ideas will bring you a predictable flow of high quality leads! If you have an open mind, our massive game-changing strategies and proven profit-driving techniques will not only transform your medical spa business but build you as a leader!

Whether you have an established medical spa or have just opened your doors, the implementation of an effective medical spa marketing strategy is necessary to grow and thrive in the ever-competitive, $4 billion dollar/year industry.

As you know, the demand for aesthetic procedures is growing every day, as is the supply of medical spas competing for patients.

Baby boomers are now in their retirement years, living longer and healthier lives. As they age, they want to turn back the clock to look as young as they feel. In addition, young millennials want to proactively head off the signs of aging and retain their youthful appearance.

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YOUR Med Spa Growth & Profitability...

Your medical spa marketing should attract your ideal patients (the ones YOU love to work with). If implemented correctly, your strategy will also build credibility and influence, positioning your practice as:

THE Authority – THE “Go-To Expert” 

As a result, in the minds of your target audience you will be the ONLY option. However, this approach calls for a proven effective digital marketing that appeals to patients at every stage of their buying journey.

An effective marketing strategy for your medical spa business requires that you consider all of your prospective patients’ desires, needs, and challenges. Most noteworthy, you must also consider any objections your patient may have. 

From the moment a prospective patient begins to think about a treatment, it’s important that you seamlessly build trust, authority and credibility. And it doesn’t stop there. You need to nurture the virtual relationship all the way until your potential clients know without a doubt that you are the exact medical spa solution they have been looking for.

a woman in a blue dress with blonde hair speaking about Med Spa Marketing

Marketing for medical spa business owners is all about promoting in a way that will capture the client’s attention at every stage (awareness, then consideration, and finally decision) to create the best return of investment for your digital marketing.

Remember: no matter what stage of the buyer’s journey the customer is in…

You will NEED to have the “Know, Like & Trust” factors tied into all your Medical Spa Marketing:
  • Let us get YOU in front of your ideal clients.
  • Educate YOUR audience and build authority with quality content.
  • Promote YOUR medical spa in a positive way.
  • Build feelings of likability towards YOUR brand.

All of this is intended to ensure prospective patients schedule consultations at YOUR medical spa.

Let us make them believe that YOU have the expertise, the education and the experience to perform the services they want and need. You need a professional to get this done properly!

Clients worry about the down time of their spa procedures, their side effects, the pain and of course, getting the best results they can. Consultations are your opportunity to show your expertise as you share your knowledge and confidence about procedures and answer questions accurately. 

By building trust and demonstrating expertise, you are able to build your marketing on a solid foundation. This will help you find and retain clients for your med spa.

How Do YOU Build Trust?

Cosmetic procedures can make or break a person’s quality of life. If marketing is not done correctly, you will leave a bad taste in a customer’s mouth. Creating a level of trust to display your expertise all begins with your business branding. The trust factor kicks in before even the first communication with your clients occurs.

Build YOUR Trust With a Website

Your website is your 24/7 sales and medical spa marketing tool. It needs to be on-point, accessible and easy to navigate. Let your potential clients feel that you are running a reputable, capable and professional medical spa.

Build YOUR Trust With an Online Presence

Are you search-worthy? In other words, are you listed on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites? Will we find your bio and recommendations on Google, Linkedin and other industry specific online directories? If you’re not searchable online, then you are missing out on huge opportunities.

Build YOUR Trust With Great Content

Marketing your medical spa with online content and reviews is one of the most important factors for your reputation. Without regular and relevant content you will lose potential patients to your competitors.

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